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How much content will you manage?

With Tellit you can manage many types of items: images, photos, videos, audio files, documents and even social media and blog posts. Your account can contain as many content items as you need. Up to 1000 items are free for ever.

How much automation will you need?

With Tellit you can set up saved searches to automate how your content is organised into projects, for example to group all items with a certain hashtag into a specific project. Up to 3 saved searches are free for ever.

If you use external sources, how often should they be updated?

Tellit can automatically collect content from external sources like social channels and blogs for you. Doing this once a day is on us. If you are actively monitoring a social campaign though you might want to get updates more often.

How many hours of personalised support do you want?

We are here to help you accomplish more challenging tasks. Get peace of mind by knowing that you can always get personalised support from one of our experts. Book the support that you want.

Your selected plan

Up to posts (maximum storage of GB) from saved searches with per day and hours of personalised support.


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Frequently asked questions

Do the Tellit plans include any limits on the functionality of the platform?

All features and functionality of the Tellit platform are generally available to all plans. We want to give you the maximum benefit of Tellit and thus our plans are designed based on actual usage with "pay as you go" in mind. There are no hidden costs in Tellit. For enterprise plans though, as part of custom development we do for our clients, we can add additional functionality for example AI-based analysis of content items.

Are there any restriction on how many projects I can publish?

No, you can create as many projects as you like and keep them private, public or embed them in existing websites and blogs as you wish. Moreover, you can publish your projects in any of the available styles and templates the platform provides. Additionally, we don't restrict programmatic access to your content and allow you for example to get all your projects' content using JSON and build your own user experience.

What happens if I reach my free plan limits and don't want to upgrade to a paid plan?

Nothing, really. There is no need to upgrade to a paid plan. You can continue using Tellit for free for ever. In the case for example your account has more posts than the free plan allows, we will only disable uploading or importing new content and notify you immediately. You then have 15 days to delete posts you don't need any more and comply with the free plan limits. As soon as you do this you will be able to upload or import new items again.

Can I save a search of a hashtag on social channels?

Yes, we support all major platforms and provide a range of searching options for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. Once a saved search is set-up it will run regularly according to your update settings and will import new items into your account. You can stop and delete a saved search any time.

Is Tellit importing also RSS feeds

Yes, you can import content from your favourite blogs or news outlets by adding a dedicated RSS feed. This counts as a saved search towards your plan and thus once set-up it will run regularly and update your account with new content from your favourite blogs.

Can I get more automation to manage my multimedia files?

Yes, if you have an enterprise plan on Tellit we can integrate additional AI-modules to analyse text, image, and video content for extracting metadata, categorise content and inferring sentiment. Moreover, we can design intelligent and scalable workflows to accommodate all your content processing needs.

Can I host Tellit myself?

Yes, for organisations which prefer data and content not to leave their premises, we offer Tellit as an application that they can host on their own server infrastructure. Deployment and operations of the Tellit self-hosted applications is straight-forward based on containerization technology, for example Docker, and we can assist if needed.

Is Tellit GDPR compliant?

Yes, your privacy is very important to us. We respect your rights and have everything in place to provide you information on what data we hold about you and to exercise your right to correct or delete any of this information. We don't use any advertising on Tellit and thus we don't track your behaviour, neither sell your data to advertisers or any other third parties. Tellit is a service you pay for, so our responsibility towards you as a customer is to make sure that the data and content Tellit manages and processes are safe and remain under your control.

What happens if I want to delete my account?

You can easily delete your account from your Tellit profile. Once you confirm your account deletion, all posts and content of your Tellit account will be irrecoverably removed from the platform and you will not be able to log-in again. If you want to keep your content, notify us before you delete your account and we will provide you a download link to a full export.

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