It's a long and a winding road but it works!
It's a long and a winding road but it works!

Some years ago the whole IN2 team met together to come up with a strategy towards the renewal of our code base and the implementation of new innovative features. Our products were then a variety of cutting edge, stand-alone tools for analysing, processing and managing multimedia content. These tools were are result of years of research and development while we were working at the university, but difficult to mantain, deploy and somewhat outdated.

In this meeting we quickly concluded to design and build a web-based platform and renew the functionality with more advanced beyond the state of the art components. Coming from a research background, reaching out to public funding was natural, so we started building partnerships and bidding for public European Commission funding.

It was not always easy, but we were lucky to work with great teams and make this happen. A number of research projects and many valuable partnerships later we finally were able to release our management and publishing platform and MyMeedia. There is still work ahead but we will not have been here without the co-financing from the European Commission in these projects:


We are very grateful for this.

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